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The Right Medication 

The Right Dose

The Right Directions

The Right Time

The Right Way Every Day

The efficacy, safety and suitability of medication is not solely based on the right dose. Timing is critical.

For example, certain medications should be taken after food. Some should be taken on an empty stomach. Certain medications are best taken in the morning, whereas other medications are best tolerated if taken at night.

Missing medication doses will lead to a sub-therapeutic outcome. Accidentally taken an extra dose due to forgetfulness could potentially lead to a medication overdose. 

Speak to our pharmacy staff today about organizing your meds. Choose from Plastic Dosettes or Cardboard Bubble Packs. 

At Valor Health, the patient comes first. Our dosettes are prepared in-house and on site by our staff. Some pharmacies use third parties to prepare and check their dosettes.

Our 4 point dosette check system ensures flawless accuracy when it comes to packaging dosettes. 

Moreover, our dosettes are checked and verified by a licensed pharmacist. Some pharmacies elect to use a certified technician to verify dosettes. 

We believe that a pharmacist overlooking your care is the best pharmaceutical care possible. This is the level of pharmacy care your family deserves. A pharmacist is a trained professional in pharmaco-therapeutics which means a medication verified by a pharmacist will undergo extensive examination in terms of safety, efficacy, suitability of dose and directions, drug interactions and therapeutic endpoint monitoring. A pharmacy technician is not trained to provide these services and is instead responsible for technical aspects of pharmacy dispensing. 

This is why we elect to use a pharmacist to perform the checking and final verification of our dosettes.